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You might be shocked when I tell you this but there are still people out there who don’t recycle!
Come on folks - start detoxing your homes and show your friends how it’s done!
I’ve put together some helpful links to get you started:

on food waste:
Most local councils in Germany & the UK provide food bins - to recycle your organic waste in biodegradable bin liners! helps your local agriculture industry and reduces the amount send to a land fill!
what is food waste?
was ist Bio - Abfall?

on plastics:
There are different types of plastics which can all be recycled. They are all bad for the environment but if you put them into the right bin at least they can be put to some good use when developing new resources like oil or downcycled to new products such as crates or flower pots
what goes in the yellow bin?
was darf in die Wertstofftonne?

on textile waste:
Well as this being my favourite subject I'm sure you all know by now how important it is to recycle your textiles. Either give them to charity or drop them into your local textiles recycling bin along with your pre - used shoes and accessories. Or get crafty and start upcycling your wardrobe!
recycling textiles
reuse and disposal of textiles

on what happens to it after it leaves your house:
recycle now!
converting plastic waste to oil
werkstoffliche Verwertung von Kunststoff
rohstoffliche Verwertung von Kunststoff

At last HAVE FUN with it!
Loads of things from your recycling bins provide excellent 'ROH' material for great 'upcycling' & DIY projects.
On the blog you will find inspiration for you and your kids to get crafty with a conscience.
It’s a very good way to make them aware of the issue because let’s face it, they will have to deal with it all. And they won’t know how if we don’t show them now :)

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