When The Upcycling Fashion Store put on an #InsideOut Photo Shoot for Fashion Revolution Germany last month I took the opportunity to upcycle an old pair of jeans and a leopard print cardi for ROHstoff.
Although the actual Fashion Revolution Day (24/04) just passed I believe the campaigns central question 'WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?' is valid all year round! Especially if you're upcycling your own unwanted or damaged textiles/ clothes to contribute to a more conscious way of consuming fashion! So here you go, have a look at the tutorial and get inventive! This also works really well if you want to repair any jeans with holes around the knee area, especially if you have little monsters like I do who just love sliding on their knees!


Search your cupboards for some old pair(s) of jeans and any other top with sleeves that you want to mix with your jeans!  I chose my fav pair of skinny jeans which had a hole and an old cardigan I once bought in a second hand shop but hardly ever wore.


You will also need scissors, thread, pins and a sewing machine
Check here for the step by step tutorial.

Fashion Revolution Day - WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?

It's the time of year for Fashion Revolution Day where designers, shops, manufacturers, press from around the world and anyone who cares about what they wear come together and ask WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?  On 24/04/2014 it will have been exactly one year since the factory collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. Fashion Revolution Day Germany joined the campaign by organising photo shoots over the last few weeks, asking everyone's support by wearing an item #insideout, photographing it and then sharing it with the hashtag #insideout.  This way Fashion Revolution Day raises awareness for transparent production chains and fair working conditions within the fashion industry.  It's a very exciting campaign with an important message and I feel privileged to be part of it! Here I am pushing the message in my 'Fashion Revolution Day' Tshirt and #InsideOut vintage denim shirt.  I also refurbished a pair of old jeans for another #InsideOut photo shoot--------See the upcycled denims tutorial in my next post!-------- >> Get Involved - Wear It InsideOut!