It's not that often I buy new clothes. I tend to wear them to death...literally!
Even when they break I try to fix / upcycle them as every piece that made it in into my wardrobe has been given a considerable amount of thought upon purchase...
Please don't get me wrong - I am no saint & compulsive shopping is my second nature.  It took a lot of refunds, returns & ebay sells to sort through my closet.
One of my greatest pleasures is to combine the small collection that I have in new ways! 
When I saw this beauty at the Acne Archive store on my recent trip to Copenhagen I knew it would complete a lot of my outfits ;)
The store's superfriendly sales advisor Cecilie dug out this amazing pair of super soft denims which fit like a glove.
The best thing about them tho is that they have a fault in the material.
As an upcyclist I embrace the beauty in what's natural, flaws and all.  These jeans are desirable because of (not in spite of) their imperfection plus they’re half the price – bonus! 


Hey fellow upcyclists - here's a little weekend treat for you. It's predicted to be wet so why not stay in with a hot cuppa & make yourself a new necklace from just a few denim scraps & vintage trims! 
Just follow the steps below.  
You never know, your new creation might shift the cloudy mood plus you'll have something cool to wear out on Saturday night 


Tear a few denim strips of an old pair of jeans / skirt.  I prefer to take material from along the seams because I like the stitching detail. 


You will also need something to decorate your necklace with, I used some vintage earrings which I bought at Das Neue Schwarz a button from my Nan's sewing box & some safety pins which I collect of garment labels.
Check here for the step by step tutorial.

ROHstoff ❤ CPH

For the last week end of Summer my man took me to Copenhagen for our anniversary.  What a fabulous idea that was!  I was instantly hooked by the laid back charm of this amazing city and its friendly and truly individual inhabitants... 
I always liked Danish design with its classic-with-a-little-twist take on fashion which makes you look instantly cool - well the Copenhagen girls on the streets did anyway.
My first stop was the Acne Archive on Elmegade, it's their outlet store where you can get out of season samples or imperfect sales stock that didn't make it to the store for half the price or less! I treated myself to a gorgeous pair of skinny jeans which I'm soo excited to show you in my next post.
After that we grabbed coffee just around the corner at the Laundromat Cafe.  It's a launderette turned coffee shop turned library with fresh & immensely tasty brunch treats. LOVE!
In the evening we had a reservation at Fiskebar, a buzzing restaurant in the very cool meatpacking district (Kodbyen) with a strong opinion on taste, local produce quality & sustainability.  Shortly we were giddy with contentment...




When flicking through my rails this morning trying to find some inspiration for something to wear that I can feel excited about I rediscovered this in the corner of my wardrobe: a sheer & flowing Egyptian printed 70's blouse. 
I bought it last Summer, on one of my first shopping trips in B...when I first discovered a fabulous store called 'Das Neue Schwarz' on Berlin-Mitte's uebercool Mulackstrasse filled with preluved designer treasures.
I loved the whimsical print and the movement of the bell sleeves but it was only when I tucked the blouse in a waist-ed pair of trousers held by a wide belt & paired it with some supersized Edie-earrings that I felt ready to take on a new day