When I agreed to take part in this year's Berliner Stadtmission runway show alongside other upcyclist designers I was confident I would at least get three outfits if not even four outfits together. Reality hit me when I realised I had literally two weeks to get it all done...get working!!!

>> the inspiration
Obsessed with clean shapes and boxy silhouettes the collection had to be bauhaus-inspired - bridging the gap between textile art, fashion design and urbanity.
Luckily the bauhaus-archive museum of design with its amazing library is just around the corner, it was the perfect place to get some visual inspiration...

>> the fabrics 
With upcycling being the main focus of this project I was sorting through my rails and picked my beloved nan's pillow case as well as a preloved shirt from Berliner Stadtmission 'Komm & Sieh' charity shop. Both are made from a lovely cotton quality that was ideal for making shirts. To mix it up & soften the look I paired it with some beautiful chiffon & leopard printed silk remnants from London designer Catharina Eden.

>> the look
I was aiming for a modern Edie Sedgwick type of girl...the stripey Tee being replaced by a classic high collared shirt with a hint of sparkle worn over only a pair of silver tights 


@ Rafael Poschmann

The essence of a good garment design is its fit & with me striving for perfection it was not easy to stick to my tight deadline. But once I had found my models one of which also happened to be a whizz with the sewing machine progress resumed... I really felt the sparks from the people around me whom without I wouldn't have ended up with two well made garments, a rocking show performance & sleek graphics...
big love to you 
(you know who you are) 

ROHstoff #1 - SHOW TIME

@Eckart Berchner
@Rafael Poschmann
@Rafael Poschmann
@Rafael Poschmann

To be honest the last 72 hours before the show felt a bit of a blur...highlights included my mum turning up just when I had a minor panic attack volunteering to sew on buttons & beads together with my sister, the beautiful tunes of Jamie Woon who got me through the long nights & my man's love & full support...  But it was well worth the sweat & I met some wonderful & gifted people...I was feeling very lucky when standing close to the stage witnessing the magic unfurl. 
Massive thanks to Berliner Stadtmission for providing the venue, to Rafael Poschmann & Eckart Berchner for stunning moments on film & the amazing girls from the Upcycling Fashion Store Berlin who made all this possible in their spare time and with no funds available!
We had a blast!!!


graphics @ Maria Bahlmann

Sunday is my new favourite day 
 ROHstoff designs will be featured at a fashion show held as part of the Berliner Stadtmission Sommerfest
Come for some runway fun! ;)))

when: Sunday, 25th August 2013, 2.30pm, BIG stage

where: Berliner Stadtmission headquarters, Lehrter Str. 68, 10557 Berlin 


My sister gave me this old pair of denims a little while ago - they came in handy when I realised I didn't have enough bottoms to take on hols, especially as I had fancied some denim bermudas for quite some time now. I decided on a good length for me (inside leg: 13cm), cut off the legs and trimmed & hemmed the edges. To finish off I cut away the button guard as I wanted to show off the metal button stand which really boosts that fab high-waisted look especially with a classic oversized shirt tucked into it 


I had a slight panic attack when it came to packing my suitcase for this year's Croatia trip... my Summer wardrobe was literally non existent! Because of my increasing upcycling activities I haven't been to the shops as much. So I decided to head down to 'Colours' on Bergmannstrasse () for some preluved shopping....One of my finds was this gorgeous leopard print vest. 
I decided to give it a little twist by cutting down the middle, getting rid of the button panel & replacing it with a black chiffon panel (width: 5cm) at the centre front. Adding a dart on either side of the centre front shifted its shape from flared to oversized-blouson which makes for an effortless cool look over a pair of denim bermudas.